Greg Bowering Sculptor



Greg Bowering is a master of sculptured forms in stone, wood and airstone.

Internationally acclaimed, Greg is self taught and widely recognised for his unique style. His work can be found in private collections, hotels and resorts, restaurants and clubs in some of the most exotic and exclusive locations on the planet.

Drawing inspiration from indigenous cultures of the Pacific, Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe, Greg simplifies and synthesizes complex subject matter into elegant statements of peace, serenity, joy and mystery.

Working with the qualities and limitations inherent in each element, the artist renders his material (indigenous to the region he works in) into timeless monuments that reflect his innate understanding of the materials as well as the tastes of his clientele

Each piece is hand carved and finished with the care and respect that a temple statue would receive. For each piece of sculpture is an embodiment of spirit and sacred in itself, while the artist is a medium for the expression of this energy.

Greg Bowering is a diverse and passionate artist who puts his Heart and Soul into every piece of sculpture that takes form under his masterful hands.




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